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C-113, B. S. Road, Industrial Area, Ghaziabad-201001



Each Pre-Engineered steel building is customized to meet the exact planning, materials specifications and design suitability requirements based upon its location, functionality and client’s requirements. Various components of Primary framing (such as Rigid frames, Canopies, Lean-to frames, end wall post and beam frames etc.) and components of Secondary framing (such as Wind bents, flange bracings, diagonal bracings, roof purins, caves struts, sag rods, bracing struts etc.) the wall cladding panels/roof sheeting panels with/without insulation and all other building structure and sheeting accessories is included in the supply, subject to order conditions. The complete supply includes all necessary foundation bolts, hardware for structure assembly, galvanized sheeting screws, trims, flashings and metal gutters with down runners, for the full assembly of the building. Normally, no welding is to be carried out at the site.